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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 28, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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. >> people protesting the michael brown shooting death decision in ferguson, missouri as well as black friday. the it has turned destructive here in the bay area. good evening. >> dan has the night off. started peacefully around 6:00 o'clock tonight turned violent
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by 7 and demonstrators are still out on the streets right now with police shadowing every step of the way. we begin with our team coverage with 7 news reporter cornell bernard live at union square where they did do some damage while they tried to the disrupt the hotel difficult tree lighting. >> protesters certainly left the mark on black friday throwing a wrench into the shopping plans of thousands an thousands of people. take a look. market street very calm right now. but earlier that was not the case here's what we saw sky 7 hd was overhead when the march began at the foot of market street about 6:00 p.m. tonight. hundreds of protestors taking part. but as the march turned right on to stockton street saying scott ugly. protestors got that union square where tonight tree oscillating ceremony was taking place. police in riot gear not about to let that happen. they stood their ground. and would
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not less protestors get farther. protestors then double back to powell street. taking down a maul light post on the way. but police line was there too. police stood in front of many stores and businesses to protect them. protestors started throwing glass bottles at officers. protestors then headed down o'farrell street. for some window broken at union square shop like macy. manager at the hotel stratford watch the whole thing from her door she was really scared and thought protesttors would smash her window too. >> smashing i'm running there is no way i'm staying here. >> the it's definitely in my opinion i get it i get why they are pro test. not the rate way to do it. >> about 30 minutes later we saw many people being detained and arrested on market street near fifth where police shut it
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down revving to let protestors go any further. city street clinic truck have all of the window broken. it was parked on market street luckily no one inside at the time. a lot of stores decided to close early including the west field shopping center. nobody was being allow entered after 7:30 tonight. but people were being escorted out. bart station at powell closed for short time. not letting anyone out of the station because of the protest. which was going on upstairs. a lot of people definitely frightened. folks in from out of town definitely frightened by what was happening tonight. but a lot of it has left this area for now. live in san francisco cornell abc 7 news. >> such a shale. thi heat newspaper ferguson, missouri as well. live look right now in ferguson whether hundreds of officers in riot gear line the street before dark anticipating protest. to continue through
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the night and it is dark there now. this is you cap see a few protestors there. this is again a live look in ferguson. demonstrators out all day disruning black friday shopping and taking the the streets of st. louis. police are offering protestors off retailer property turn pushing crowds back and detank thoughts who don't comply. >> sfl back in the bay area in oakland today a small group of demonstrators manage to shut down a large portion of the bart system. they chain themselves to each other and to 2 trains at the west oakland bart station. evacuated when the protestors refuse to leave. >> if i have been out here for 4 and a half hours. if michael brown laid dead in the street for 4 hours. lives do matter. >> we were over the station which was shot did you know for more than 2 hours delaying bart trains everywhere. and shutting down the transbay tune
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meaning no trains between oakland and san francisco. bart police rae mav the chain and protestors interfered with the really which and trees bag. bart shut down and riders confused frustrated everyone at stations with no protest. cell phone video of passengers walking around the bart station in oakland. many were on the phone wondering how to get to the destination. >> welcome site for thousands of bart commuters around 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. that's when trains started running again out of the west oakland station. sky 7 hd caught the first train going into the transbay tube about 2 and a half hours after the demonstrators shut it down. >> transbay tube shut down bart ground mostly to halt in san francisco as well. lee ann has reaction from bart riders. find other which to get from the embarcadero station to the east bay. the. >> walk down. >> west oakland station is just
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a short ride to downtown san francisco. shutting it down cut off any access to and from the city. those coming from sfo were also affected. fight i have been stuck hear for at least about an hour or a little bit more. >>reporter: some passengers had spent thanksgiving in san francisco and were trying to get back to the east bay. few were furious when they found out that protestors had chained themselves together to bring attention to the fatal shooting of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. >> make me angry. it's made me less than sympathetic towards any type of nonsense this had something to do with ferguson when in reality this has to do with occupy oakland and bunch of folk who want to disrupt our way of life and government. >> just grip me big time. ty what is going on in missouri is missouri not california. >>reporter: fortunately because of the long thanksgiving break few people were taking bart today. few passengers decided to catch a
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bus instead and walk to the transbay terminal. even thoughts who support protesttors were put out. >> i'm with them. many about it's a human being you understand why they are protesting. film peeding people going to work is not the best way to do it. >> service eventually restored but the delay lasted several hours exploratorium tell abc 7 news. turn to the weather now happening rate now live look outside from our exploratorium camera. we track rain and possibility of flooding in some areas. the rain is starting to fall in someplaces. one area that is watching the expected rainfall very closely tonight. contra costa county the sheriffs office has set up several sand bag station across account county in case any flood with the expected rainfall through the weekend. wave complete list of pick up stations where the sand bag are available at 7 and be advised by one thing bring your own shovel if you want to take
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the sand bag. >> generally a pleasant day across the bay area. after the fog cleared we saw a little bit of fog in milpitas this morning and much thicker fog from our camp are on mount tam did you know to the golden gate bridge this morning. >> and we see some more snow in the sierra welcome site after last winter look luster ski season. north star resort sent thus individual had a lot of help from man made snow up until now. >> who is going to get hit hardest by the storm and when fm spencer keeping an eye on things and you said the moisture is coming notch it's here. arrived in some parts of the bay area. you can see rather wide trail of mainly light rain rate now. confined to the north bay but moving down to the golden gate right now and within the area of generally light rain there are pockets of steady heavy rainfall but again mainly north bay but before we get to our animation show where you it's headed next let's look terrain
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fall deficit for the season to date. inch and a half or so below the ample rainfall total at this point in the season but santa rosa nearly 4 and a half inches below the average. so rainfall is greatly needed. current temperatures right now under cloudy sky with rain falling moving north to the south mid upper 50's across the bay area. let's look what we can expect tonight. north bay light rain is happening now going on for several hours. temperatures in oakland about to 7 showers right now. just beginning to move. rain down below the golden gate south ward and eastward. down in the south bay the last region of the bay area to 7 the rainfall expect written to arrive after midnight. now here's our forecast an maichlingts 11:00 o'clock tonight we see rain 0during the overnight and early early morning hours moving just below the golden gate into the peninsula over to the east bay and it will be rather intense in some spotsment local heavy downpour then by about 6:00 a.m. we see the rain having
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pushed south ward and eastward look like it's breaking up up around san francisco and places north of the golden gate. that will be the pattern up to about 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning but more waves of written to follow and show you when this is happened to hit a little bit later. >> all right. >> thanks expense engineer coming. paying more for christmas tree. reason why this holiday tradition will have you digging deeper that your wallet. >> new information on the side show arrest in oak lap. why so significant to authorities. >> can you get fade 0to really listen to you? one way to tell if your dog is hearing your command 7 news at
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>> got to love it. >> show it to you live on the 6:00 o'clock news. tree oscillating took place early tonight at san francisco union square. this event is now in the 25th year of the reusable 83 foot tree decorated with 3
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33,000 energy efficient led lights and more than 1,000 ornaments. >> i used to frequent in my hometown. thrift annual tree lighting happened tonight as well. the christmas in the park celebration. unway at plaza in downtown san jose. in addition to the tree lighting and appearance by santa clause also a live perform's by the santa clara big band and special appearance by circus sole. >> on the subject of trees. for many family top priority is shopping for just the perfect christmas tree. >> has to be just right. david looks at the post thanksgiving smas tree tradition in the bay area. >> parade of vehicle with tremendous tied to the roof is post thanksgiving from diagnosis in the santa cruz mountains. as black tree farm customers don't look for barring afternoon. every tree whatever the size is 50 dollar dollars. so the only issue is finding the right one. >> tree express any feeling
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that as you cut them. >> i sure hope not. >> if they do he will know we have chosen it to be part of the family. hopefully a good feeling. >> neighbors from burlingame made the trek annually for over a decade leaving out the food. one goal. >> big and fluffy. that's all we look for. big and fluffy. >> that's a geltor shoppers artificial tree. just as difficult to find the right one given the range of species and option. multi-color light shorter long needle when decorated they look elegant. even at 150 1200 dollars designed to last several years. thinking about as she way weighs the environmental impac impact. >> using something again and again over and over we have concerns at our house about cleaning more waste by buying something like this. it's real debate we haven't made a final
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decision yet. >> customer the tell mapger moore that safety and this are consideration. >> last couple years they have had a live tree but it has been so dry the air is dry that the tree has dried out before small christmas day. >> which is a traditional corner tree lot. they have gone up 2 to 5 dollars bus of stronger demands. >> what do you think of the new tree. >> it's awesome. >> pretty tall isn't it. >> taller than you are. >> yes. >> in san jose david louis abc 7 news. >> joining spencer sunday for a special presentation pier 39 holiday tree lighting celebration special airs sunday at 6:30 right here on abc 7. >> when not mc holiday festivities he's tracking weather and finally rain. >> finally something to track after all this long rain we have had. raining already in parts of the bay area. spread
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to all parts of the bay area before it's over. this is good news. here's live doppler an kahn see areas of green on radar screen right now. raining for several hours. >> parts of the east bay as well so on we good. leif view from the emeryville camera out over the bay and forecast feature e rain moving from north to south and to the east as well tonight. series of wren both saturday tomorrow and sunday and this wet pattern will continue through next wednesday so we have several days of periods of rain coming our way here's satellite image that ridge of high pressure that kept us dry mailed for awhile and strong now. rain out ahead of the approaching frontal system that usher in the first wave of significant rainfall. then after a little bit of a break we have a second stronger storm brewing it is brewing right now. coming in the bay area next week. so here's our forecast animation starting at 11:00 o'clock tonight and we have some light
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rain and showers. more showers in the hour spreading from north 0to south by 2:00 o'clock in the morning. fairly well days fined line of rainfall some of it locally heavy. central part of the bay area moving out of the north bay parts of the peninsula over to the east bay. then later in the morning hours we see the wave of rain swing through and hype it will be little pockets of light rain and showers around midday tomorrow even some brick of sunshine are possible during the afternoon howevers tomorrow. then tomorrow night that early sunday morning get the second round of rainfall the which is pretty intense for much of the bay area. that will swing on through in the morning hours and break early sunday morning at 9:00 o'clock or so and then hyped that we get more written on monday tuesday wednesday. projecting ahead to sunday nature 11:00 o'clock. written fall total at that point. could be up to 2 and a half inches in the north by mountains and lower elevation we see basically half inch to
9:19 pm
inch and quarter. that still substantial amount of rain fal fall. winds gusting as well tracking the wind gult overnight into sunday morning. over 24 miles an hour at some point. sunday is a windy raw rainy day. mane while over in the sierra we have our whipped and rain here there are some snow in the central sierra winter weather advisory in effect until sunday the evening at 7:00 p.m. 6 to 12 inches of new snow before 6000 feet. heavy snow fall tomorrow morning. bay area with the rain and low temperature upper from is to low 50's and tomorrow the pockets of rain scattered showers also flash of sunshine here or there high pressure barely reach above 60 degrees. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast and it's wet unsettled into the middle of next week. won't start drying out again until thursday and friday of next week. much-needed rainfall we say it over and over again. >> last time we had 5 straight
9:20 pm
day of rain you were a little boy. >> grover cleveland was president. >> thanks spencer. >> all right still to come on 7 news at 9:00. reading your do dog. one way to tell if he's listening >> fallen s
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>> the chp sends a warning tonight if you are that the big side show in oakland you may face charges down the road. sky 7 hd captured it as it was happening at the port of oakland late wednesday nature. more than 100 cars were involved. abc 7 news reporter vick lee shows us why the bus
9:24 pm
was so significant for the highway patrol. >> this is all that remains of wed side show. but the chp says stay tune. there are warrants and arrests to come. spectators were breaking the law. as well as the drivers. >> because while you are spectating you are block the roadway. blocking access to vehicle to travel through. >>reporter: there's some of the dozen or so cars impounded by the chp from the side show. this towed to pick and pull was destroyed by fire. >> stolen vehicle in the crowd was litton fire while officers were moving in the crowd u-the chp believes there may have been firearms inside that fuel the flames. officers single out the driver and detained him. us a can see from sky 7 hd it was a huge crowd of some 200 people here at the port of oakland. cars were doing do nuts other dangerous stunts with spectators just a few feet away. >> officers observe at least one vehicle lose control and come very close to colliding with onlookers.
9:25 pm
>>reporter: there was also a huge chp presence mobilize initially for another night of protest against the grand jury decision in ferguson. officers received a tip that a side show would occur later in the night. when it happened the chp special response team rushed on to the port and sealed the highway. some in the crowd began throwing rocks and bottles. after hearing gunfire the chp took action. >> officers inconvenienced into the crowd with weapon drawn. thoroughly systematically detaining all parties present. >>reporter: as they wounded the side show a dozen drivers tried unsuccessfully to escape. red have been tried to make a run for it by smash go through a chain link fence. it got stuck on the tracks. people rushed out of the advance. small children in tow. sky 7 was wasn't the only chopper taking pictures. chp also had theirs doing the same thing. >> we interviewed everyone that was there. so we know who is driving what cars. use video from the aircraft to then link
9:26 pm
that to put charges on at later date. >> this is 7 news. >> have you ever wondered if your dog is really, really listening to you. new study says all you have to do is look and see which way fido turns his head. researchers at the university of suffolk, england when they turn the head to the right they are paying attention and processing everything you are saying. not just 0big your command. the study disin the say how much dog understand or what they understand just that dog process the sound they hear from our voice on the left side of the brain just like people do. >> he's long. he's just not obeying. my dog. >> he dent want to. right now we are following a large group of black friday protestors. they have been marching down mainly street in san francisco for hours now. message what police are doing to control the coychltd also texas terror. more than 100 gunshots fired and what we learn about the gunman. >> and shoppers frenzy. black
9:27 pm
friday fight caught on camera.
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. >> protest tonight in san francisco over the shooting death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri have turned violent. >> peaceful rally gap at 6:00 p.m. but within an hour here in san francisco sky 7 hd above as protestors march up to union square trying to disrupt the hotel difficult tree lighting ceremony. police line stopped them so some demonstrators started smashing windows of businesses at union square. they decree group made their way around the mission district. the group still on the move as we speak. flank closely by dozens of police
9:31 pm
officers. but police say some of the protest trors throwing bottles at officers breaking even more window also hearing about some looting of businesses but so far police say they have not arrested anybody also note about bart. they close station at 16th and 24th street because of what is becoming very tense situation. >> to ferguson, missouri where things heat up. leif look right now it's a quiet demonstration at the police station. we take a look. hundreds of officers in riot gear usher protestors off retailer property and push them back from crowding the streets. demonstrators out all day the obstructing black friday shopping. police arrested several protestors who didn't listen to them. >> protest have gotten wild in someplaces. so has the shopping. on this black friday rebecca some of the biggest shopping scuffle across the
9:32 pm
country. >> they came. they shop. they conquer. black friday madness still going strong across the country tonight. many store open the thanksgiving morning. chaos at houston wal-mart. watch again as the adults fight over flat screen. officers pulling them to their feet. >> electronic frenzy in indian a too. this man wearing a football jersey emerging from the pack clutching his prize. he's outside the washington, d.c. best buy. someone paying him 30 dollars an hour to wait in line to buy a tv. 1400 dollar samsung model for just 900. >> save hundreds of dollars. >> 140 million americans expected to shop at some point this weekend. >> television is hot. phones really hot. xawters and tablet it's really great deal throughout the store.
9:33 pm
>> wal-mart telling abc news they sold enough towels to line the bag of the mississippi river. target ceo brian cornell speak with amy on gma. >> exciting start to the holiday season. we saw regard on line sales. >> at one point target was selling nearly 1800 tv every minute. >> another round of protest caught the attention of many shoppers this black friday. protestors took to the ticket lines at 1600 wal-mart stores today including this one in milpitas. protest low wages. employee and support remembers calling on the mega retailer to commit to paying his porkers a minimum of 15 dollars an hour. also demanding consistent full-time work. >> tonight police in austin, texas are trying to find out what motivate add gunman to good on rampage. shooting off more than 100 rounds at government buildings before he died himself. of gunshot woun wound. lindsay davis reports. >> tonight police say this man
9:34 pm
49-year-old larry mcwilliams behind the mayhem in downtown austin seen here in the video. allegedly unloading 100 round of ammunition in justin minute minutes. rampage started after 2:00 o'clock in the morning near a popular area where bars had just closed. 3 near by government buildings targeted. first shots outside the federal courthouse. >> fire at the federal court house. >> shot the federal courthouse. >> then gunfire outside the mexican consulate. building set on fire using the small camping propane cylinder. blaze quickly extinguish. rampage continuing in front of austin police headquarters. there he encounters sergeant johnson securing 2 police horse force the nights. shots fired. and mcwilliams killed. tonight sergeant johnson being called a hero. >> for a guy to keep composure holding the two horse was one hand and taking one handed shot was with the other hand is just
9:35 pm
a lot about the training and professionalism of our police department. >> when all over a bomb squad toring over the -- poing over the scene and suspect care. you have to operate under the assumption that potential exist for incidiary at the vase or booby trp situation. >> police still searching for a motive. wondering whether shooter if you would by anti-immigrant rage. the fbi now on the case investigate what trigger the thanksgiving chaos. lindsay davis abc news new york. >> we learn about a vicious attack targeting an uber driver in san francisco. happened over the weekend at 18 avenue and clement street in the richmond district. uber driver said he was taking the fare when the man suddenly moved from the back seat to the front seat of the car. that's when the suspect attack the driver f.police eventually s arrested the suspect. he had a broken nose and other facial injury. >> uber has suspended operation
9:36 pm
in nevada after big legal set back for the company there. nevada district court issued preliminary injunction this week preventing the company from doing business in the state. judge created with the regulators who had concerns. officials say uber didn't face the same stringent requirement as traditional cab. shut down could cost nearly 1,000 jobs. nevada is the first state to out right suspend uber from operating. >> is smoke smokey bandit day well behind him. new fibal troubles for actor burt reynolds
9:37 pm
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>> tonight actor burt reynolds once one of hollywood leading
9:40 pm
men star of movies like smokey and the bandit and deliver answer deal with real life drama selling off personal tuchlts even one of the golden globe award. cecelia has more. >> you have seen his movies. you have definitely seen his stash but we never seen burt reynolds quite like this. more than 600 personal items on the auction block rae veal a life fit for the 70's and 80's sex symbol that he was. there are mongram cowboy boots lots of them. belt become el movie prop sports memorabilia and old car. one time box office king writing i have collected so many things that i truly adore bit truly is the time to did you know size. he's reported the facing of financial trouble. the jacket here about starts at 4000 dollars. his
9:41 pm
1998 best supporting actor golden globe statue even his roll decks need old number for these stars here you go. he's hardly the first celebrity to hawk it off to make a buck. if the famous fight 35,000 dollars for these gloves. actor gary coleman on ebay and market for burt chap maybe a karen the auction starts next month in las vegas and on line. >> let me see your cash. >> carriage a gift from dolly pardon the starting bid 3000 dollars. >> san francisco. >> some pretty interesting name in the roll decks. >> biggest star in hollywood. >> the tweet tonight. up next on 7 news at 9. faithful say about the owner criticism of
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>> all right one more time. to a man who is making it rain this week. while we track it. >> call me the rain whisperer. apparently my whisper was heard it's raining rate through the central part of the bay area. raining for several hours up to the north bay but shift add bit south ward and east wartd right now but mainly light rain. get some steady heavy rain as the weekend goes on. tomorrow look for rainy condition over essentially the northern half of the state with some snow over in the central sierra but mainly sunny mild down in the
9:46 pm
southern part of the state. bay area after waves of rainfall overnight tomorrow we have pockets of light rain and showers maybe occasional local heavy downpour but the rain fought very wide spread during most of the day tomorrow. it's cooler than it has been of late but high pressure barely above 60 degrees and here's accu-weather 7 difficult forecast and this close attention. we have windy and raw and rain qu conditions on sunday. then monday just a little bit of rain light rain with some break of sun but tuesday we have a soaking written coming our way that will carry over into wednesday morning showers will linger partial clearing late wednesday and dryer conditions on thursday friday so it's 5 of the 7 days we bring us some very active weather. >> good mall weather. >> if frainer fans reacting today to the team loss against the seahawks last nature. they have crushed. and to surprising tweet or 2. one
9:47 pm
sent out by niners owner jed york calling out team for pr performance. thank you forty-niner faithful for coming out strong tonight. performance wasn't acceptable. i apologize for that. the we spoke with nineer fans about the candid message. >> at the shop in san jose 49er fans have seen better days. >> disappointed because they were at home and they didn't show up. 49er lost the seahawks the talk of the town owner and ceo jed york tweeted this after his team defeat quote thank you fo forty-niner faithful for come out strong tonight this performance wasn't acceptable. i apologies for. that end quote. the coach was told about the tweet in post game press kovrnlts he initially dressed it then seemed caught off guard by follow-up question. >> does that mean it doesn't matter to you one way or another what your owner tweets jim. >> i don't know what to say about the tweet. >> he just told you. >> what matters is what we do
9:48 pm
how we reresponsible to the football team. >> fans had mixed reaction about the tweet. >> he's the owner of the business and so if he's not pleased with performance of employees i don't think it did it wasn't directed at any one person or coach or anything like. that just over all statement wasn't pleased. >> others took the chance to speculate. >> it has been up and down all year and i think he's trying to relay to the fans that if that possibly there's going to be changes ahead. that was my impression from what i read about it. >> players for now not taking sides. davis shared his thoughts following the game. fight do you know what i try to stay out of that. what have is going on and upstairs or is in the next room. he livt up to them. i just stay in in my corner. >> one thing many people agree on it was a bad way for fans and players to begin the thanksgiving weekend. the forty-niner play again on december 7th against the oakland raiders. in santa
9:49 pm
clare, abc 7 news. >> and there is another niner tweet that you want to know about. daughter of the gm when the daughter of the gm is twee tweeting it's a problem. the we also your an a's fan you are just. >> well? you are just really from us stated. >> can't be shock or surprised. by anything. >> it happens all the time. >> it dis. >> like death and taxes. >> pl star players. is in evidence ill. team leader josh donaldson the
9:50 pm
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>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. rumor likely to save big bucks if you still haven't started holiday shopping? we brick down the black friday numbers and look towards the next big deal day. >> and the force awakeens. fans get first taste of disney attempt to breed new life into the beloved "star wars"franchise. >> be sure to joy us for 7 news at 11:00 of course of on >> be sure to joy us for 7 news at 11:00 of course of on channel 7.
9:53 pm
collin joins us now. i had just gotten over this. took me months to deal with that. >> 5 minutes ago. >> now this. this one the man this one really hurts. an hour after announced billy bean was in full spin mode. josh donaldson the latest fan favorite traded away in the prim of his career. he's now toronto blue jay. 28-year-old donald son was mvp candidate early last season. had 29 homers. drove in 98 runs. oh, yes. the guy can flat out field this position too. majority of fans fuming tonight. billy bean unnecessary move going forward in return oakland gets short stop franklin and if 23-year-old third baseman whether will replace donaldson immediately. there he is right there. >> unfamiliar role for stanford today in pasadena. that of
9:54 pm
spoiler. bruins win and be heading to next pack 12 championship game at levi stadium. one of the arizona school would get in. the no. 8 retired today. kevin below average if is 10 games of the season. the final 2. complete in the first 12 passes. i'm giving the guy a little if 51 seconds left first half. hogan slug off the sack. like andrew luck. to kevin. 21-10 at half. the why not. first round pick, roo it? 2 more today. 28-10 cardinal. bruins. stifled by the stanford defense all day. nabl to take advantage. back up quarterback tell picked by richard. stanford dominates 31-10 the final. finish 7 and 5 and beat ucla won 7 straight
9:55 pm
times. our guys really, really wanted this game and they played like it and there was no excuse there is were no miss communication our guy said we want to play this game to our best ability. went out and did it. >> bruins lost and arizona state the title game in tucson sun devil quarterback drilled anthony lopez scoop early 7 nothing leave. miss handle the snap. big fella kelly turns around and fall natural end zone. they lead by 7 in the third. wilson inside hand off gone. 72 yards. arizona holding off the instate rival. arizona pack 12 face oregon next friday tonight as i mention at levai stadium and pack 12 championship game. lone loss this year if came with the build cat. that was in you gain wasn't it. >> number don't always tell the story but in this case they really do. last two seasons
9:56 pm
kaepernick 4 for 15 for 57 yards about and 5 interception. 5 fv sure dog. once again last tonight picked him twice in seattle 19-3 demolition of of the nineers. they held in check. but he says sherman has nothing to do with that. >> i'm not worried about that dude. the it's not one-on-one. you seen that no one on 1 at all. did a if job. >> sec one pretty entertaining. he was laughing the whole time because i told the side line they throw it my way would end the game. threw it still. >> better team defense better team offense. set our jaw to do what needs to be done. win them all. >> niners blasted on the field on social media by their own owner jed yshing tweeting the performance was unacceptable
9:57 pm
and offensive quarterback slammed by if the daughter of gem manager trent her tweet read this greg can take a hike. frainers don't want you no more. she since deleted her account and this afternoon trent saying they since apologize to greg while calling it a teachable moment for l them. >> this is too bad. murray rolled out of sunday game in st. louis. raiders running back failed to pass the final concussion test. suffered concussionless thursday against the chiefs after rushing from 112 yards and 2 score. >> curry. said at post gym. warriors don't win tonight in charlotte. if he doesn't play the way he did. back in the hometown. mj hornet play off team last year just 4 and 11 coming in tonight first quarter weaves through traffic. left hand. i should say there were my off team last year when named the bobcats. back to the
9:58 pm
until season that's if look out below. brian roberts who? team high 20 off the bench for charlotte. warriors down as many as 10 and take over in the fourth. if 16 straight finish with 27. he saved them and he's right. one of 10 from 3 point range. still scored 26. the flush warriors win the eighth street the final best start the in golden state history. 13 and 2. 13 and 2. the 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> should officially change the name. >> he just michlt he might he might do that. >> thank you for joining us i'm amma. >> i'm larry for all of us here at 7 news at 9:00 thanks for watching. we continue now on line twitter facebook all the mobile device wee see you at 11 line twitter facebook all the mobile device wee see you at 11 on channel 7.
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aw, remember last year's 4th of july barbecue? look, there's bobby lighting fireworks. mm. there's bobby on fire. there's you laughing at bobby on fire. i love that picture of me. (camera beeping) these pictures skip from labor day to new year's. how did we miss thanksgiving? remember, our schedules got all mixed up?


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